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Main Courses

  • Crispy Rosemary Apple Baked Chicken

    A crispy 'not-so-fried' chicken recipe that everyone will love (especially kids!) featuring Nelson Olive Oil Co. Gravenstein Apple White Balsamic & Herbes de Provence Olive Oil.  Soaking the chicken in milk makes it super moist inside and the cornmeal is the key to the outer crunch.  This is such a versatile recipe, feel free to play around with our other Balsamics and Flavoured Olive Oils, whatever you have in the cupboard, just make sure you include the garlic and milk in the marinade.  You can also substitute the flour for a gluten-free variety and the milk for dairy-free nut milk.  Chicken thighs work great too, just make sure your chicken in SKIN-ON and preferably bone-in.