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Honey-Ginger Sesame Slaw

Honey-Ginger Sesame Slaw

So easy, so healthy, soooo good! 


1/2 a head of cabbage-shredded & 2 carrots-grated (or 1 bag pre-cut coleslaw, kale slaw or broccoli slaw)

4 tbsp NOOC Japanese Toasted Sesame Oil

4 tbsp NOOC Honey-Ginger White Balsamic

2-4 tbsp Mayo or Plain yogurt (totally optional!)

Freshly ground pepper



Stir everything but the coleslaw in a mixing bowl with a fork until it begins to emulsify (blend). Add the slaw, toss, let sit for 10 minutes or longer. Toss again and serve. That’s it!

If you like some heat add 1 tbsp of NOOC Baklouti Green Chile Olive Oil.  Or try it NOOC Persian Lime or Blood Orange Olive Oil instead of the Toasted Sesame Oil  


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