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Arbequina - Medium Intensity - California USA

Arbequina - Medium Intensity - California USA

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Medium Intensity   -   California USA                                

Crush Date: November 2021


Our California Arbequina is balanced and displays malty and savory flavors with a creamy green almond center and lingering pungency. Other notes: delicate grass, apple.

    *Biophenols: 377.7ppm              FFA:  0.16   

      Oleic Acid: 68.6                         Peroxide: 4.4

      DAGs: 95.6                               *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene: 2,460.3                   A-Tocopherols: 286.4


            *As measured at the time of crush


All our Ultra Premium Extra  Virgin Olive Oils are supremely capable at blending with any of the vinegars we offer. They also create incredible dishes on their own and excel in sautéing, frying, marinades, salads and a whole host of other culinary applications. EVOO has a relatively high smoke point, contrary to some information you may have heard!

Feel free to use NOOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil in any of our recipes and then add other flavourings (herbs, spices, citrus etc.) or blend with our Flavoured Oils.