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Biancolilla - Mild Intensity - Italy

Biancolilla - Mild Intensity - Italy

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Mild Intensity

Crush Date: November 2021


Sicilian Biancolilla is delicate and creamy with a slight pepper finish and low bitterness. Slightly vegetal with notes of green almond.


   *Biophenols: 320.9 ppm             FFA:  0.17   

      Oleic Acid: 70.8                         Peroxide: 5.5

      DAGs: 95.4                               *PPP: <1.0

      Squalene: 7,204.60                    A-Tocopherols: 287.4



            *As measured at the time of crush.


Feel free to use NOOC Extra Virgin Olive Oil in any of our recipes and then add other flavourings (herbs, spices, citrus etc.) or blend with our Flavoured Oils.